Packing before a trip is always lazy. What bags, when in your mind you are already lying on the beach with a daiquiri in hand! But since you can not avoid packing anyway, you need to be able to pack a suitcase or backpack so that all the necessary things fit and nothing got wrinkled. Share our tricks that will simplify packing and make the journey more comfortable.
It is important to take everything you need, but nothing unnecessary, so that the suitcase is as light as possible. It is also important that all things fit in the suitcase, not to break and not to crumple. To these and other important questions we will try to answer in our article “How to pack a suitcase”.

This course will help you assemble a suitcase for a variety of types of travel with a detailed overview of what you need and how to pack it compactly!

We’ll take everything we need:

  • Money and documents
  • Clothing
  • Cosmetics and personal care items
  • Medicines
  • Hardware

as well as:

  • How to fold shoes and socks compactly
  • How to fold clothes compactly
  • How to fold warm clothes
  • How to fold cosmetics and toiletries
  • and much more

Remember that a suitcase is a small life. Well, why? After all, it’s true that when we go on a trip, we put part of our everyday life in it for the next few days/weeks/months.