What will you learn?

  • Purchase bargain airline tickets.
  • Find free accommodation.
  • Go on excursions at great discounts.
  • Figuring out cashback services.
  • Travel frugally.

If you sincerely believe that traveling with a tent is the most profitable plan, you are deeply mistaken. You can travel very cheaply and not limit yourself in terms of food or accommodation. The usual comfort is always available to each of us, just for less money. How to travel cheap? We’ll teach you!
The online course is a practical guide for beginners and experienced travelers. There are 38 video lessons on all the “hot” topics of travel arrangements. A recording of each lesson is available at any time. From the course materials you will learn how to fly cheaply and collect miles from all airlines, take cruises without overpaying, book accommodation in host countries and buy excursions at a discount.

In the Travelogic course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find and buy tickets starting at $1.
  • Live for free not only with couchsurfing.
  • Book excursions at 20 to 100% discounts.
  • Buy reservations from 100 rubles.
  • Make money from tourism without being a travel agent.