Quite often I come across the fact that people seem to want to go on a trip, but they do not have the money for it all the time. Below I will share some uncomplicated ways that will answer the question of how to save for vacation and help you save money for travel.

  1. Stop making impulse purchases
    Perhaps the most difficult and at the same time the most effective rule.
  2. Buy clothes and shoes during the sale season
    See the shoes of your dreams? Don’t rush to take out your wallet right away. Try to ask the sales consultant if there is any promotion or sale expected in the near future, perhaps in a couple of weeks they will cost half as much!
  3. Master online stores
    These days, shopping online is becoming more and more popular.
  4. Stop chasing ponces 🙂 and the opinion of others
    This tip will really help you save up for a trip!
  5. Control your expenses and income
    Install an app that allows you to track your spending.
  6. Get a bank card with cashback
    Nowadays almost any bank allows you to get a card, which will give you cashback or miles for your purchases. Either it will be some points, which you can then spend or exchange, or immediately the real money.
  7. Make shopping lists
    Seemingly obvious things, but how often do you really make a list and shop strictly on it without putting other “necessary” items in your cart? And sometimes this leads to the fact that really necessary goods we forgot to buy, and we have to go back to the store and do it all over again…
  8. Buy tickets, tickets and hotels in advance
    This point does not answer the question how to save for vacation, but we decided to include it. After all, with careful and early planning vacation its cost may not be so crippling.

In this course we did our best to help you reach your goal and explore the world of travel!