Many people want to start traveling on their own. Where do you start? I have shared my experience about preparing for independent travel before. There were considered the main points in preparation for travel.

Wanting and prickly? Experiencing fear of travel? So what are travel fears and how to deal with them? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular reasons that keep people from starting to travel on their own.

In this course we will teach you how to fight such fears as:

  • Language and language barriers
    One of the most common fears is not knowing languages or language barriers. People think that without a foreign language they can’t travel on their own. After all, they won’t understand anything, they’ll stay hungry, and they won’t get anywhere.
  • Fear of getting lost or topographical cretinism
    “That’s me,” many people will say. If you find yourself in a place where you can get lost – and surely you will? If you need to find the entrance to a long-long house – you’re sure to go the wrong way, pass by, end up winding up three lengths of this building? Then yes – this is the course for you!
  • Fear of going alone, no company
    Many people don’t even realize that it is possible to pick up, pack up, and go somewhere to travel by yourself. Many people need a traveling companion. But what if none of your friends want to or can’t keep you company?
  • I can’t afford to travel alone, it’s expensive
    First, independent travel is often (but not always) in general much cheaper than a trip. The difference is especially noticeable for a period of more than 10 days. The flight still eats up a significant part of the budget, and charters can be cheap. Secondly, even if the money you will not win – in emotions and impressions for sure. Of course, if you’re going to lie a seal on the Turkish/Thai beach – take a trip. But I think such people have long ago closed this article
  • Fear of traveling What if something happens, who will help?
    There is also the fear that there will be no one to turn to if something happens. If you are afraid of crime – do not go to a known dangerous country. Before planning a trip, find out how safe it is to stay in the country, and decide whether it suits you.
  • Fear of flying a plane
    If you are afraid of flying, you probably already know that the chances of dying in a plane crash are negligible. It is more likely that a brick will fall on your head.
  • Fear of falling into a stupor
    Sometimes people say that they cannot imagine a situation where they arrive in a new city and are not met at the airport by, for example, a representative of the travel agency. People are afraid of being left on their own. Of course, because you have to be responsible for your safety and your vacation.

Everyone, as they say, has their own cockroaches in their head. If you have any fears not discussed in this course, write to us about them, and we will try to give advice and supplement the course!